Protektoid Community Official Release

YourOSoft Launches Protektoid

Budapest - Hungary – YourOSoft  launched Protektoid, an app devoted to android security and user data privacy on July 21, 2016.

Protektoid scans your device for permissions that applications use to access different parts of your device, such as turning on your camera or sending your photos or videos to a remote server in background at any given time! 

Based on Protektoid’s user and completion score algorithm, you will be always aware of the current securtiy status of your device and  you will be able to track any permission changes. Based on Protektoid’s social score algorithm, you will be able to rely on the community feedbacks to adjust your security settings. Protektoid also simplifies security management related actions, so that you can easily turn on/off permissions and even uninstall applications. 



download the app: